Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Collage Monsters

For Art Day, we made collage monsters. Mostly Ivy and I made collage monsters. Miranda did a couple briefly. Bastian cut up some paper. Aleks made me some scales for my dragon and mostly supervised. Bastian's cut paper:
Miranda's Medusa:
Ivy's awesomely abstract Loch Ness monster.
Then they did this:
I spent ten hours working on the Eric Carle dragon we'd been planning since last summer. We worked on some scales a bit in January (which I could not find in my collage box for Art Day, alas), but the whole of the project was quite daunting. Which would make sense considering it ended up requiring the better part of ten hours to complete. After Donna and the girls left, my dining room deteriorated into collage madness:
Finally, at 1:30 a.m., she was complete:
detail of the head
front leg with beard:
other front leg:
rear leg and the tail, which I made too short:
Now to find a way to mount it... She's currently perched rather precariously atop the armoire in my bedroom.


Mel said...

wow..that utterly ROCKS!!

Lynnie said...

That dragon is f'ing cool! I would totally make it the centerpiece of the living room! Will you hang it somewhere? Or hmmmmm, sell it on Etsy????? : )

La Libertad said...

That is bad ass!

Julie said...

Very cool!

Jennifer said...

I love that dragon!