Friday, April 29, 2011

Lego Stuff

So we joined this homeschooling co-op, which is really quite relaxed and nice, but even still, my kids don't really care.

I've discovered that what Bastian is is rather introverted, which I guess I knew, but never used that word to describe. He can run with the pack and join in if he feels comfortable enough, like, if he knows you already. He likes older boys like any little boy does. He's, you know, normal.

He does not care for the co-op though. He goes with us because he doesn't really have a choice and I stay with him during his classes, so he's usually okay eventually. We've also only gone twice so far due to illness. There's only been four days though out of a six week (once a week) session. This day, he decided with about ten minutes left in the class to stop playing (the class is fun stations) and eat lunch early. Those yo kids yogurts which I never normally buy are pretty enticing, I must admit.
So we went out to the main area and were quiet and sat down and started eating. Aleks joined us early too. Then, we sat around for awhile and when the second class was going to start after lunch, Bastian decided to blow the entire popsicle stand. Aleks was the only kid present for his second class, Extra Recess, and the younger kid class that Bastian takes has a bunch of helpers already, so I checked in with everyone and we bailed.

I didn't really want to just head home though since we had managed despite the cold and the rain to get up and dressed and out of the house at a reasonable hour. So after a couple of quick errands, we headed to the mall to check out the new Lego store (decidedly NOT a destination store like the one we visited in Chicago) and maybe pick out the sets they each want for their birthday (Bastian, May 29th, age 6) and upcoming surgery (Aleks, May 31st, bone graft), respectively.
We spent more than an hour at the Lego store.

I achieved two of my own errands at the mall as well and we stopped at the sweet shop for overpriced gummies before heading home. Pretty awesome, really.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Very Important Update: Cats

In April, cats arrived. This is really vital information. They are lovely and very much ours now. The children have learned to feed them appropriately and I have mostly worked out the details of not having a house that smells of cats, even when there are two of them living exclusively indoors in 950 square feet. Their names are Oscar and Felix (yes, like the Odd Couple). They are both neutered four-ish-year-old males, adopted from a couple who found it necessary to rehome them due to a cross-country move. Whatever dudes, their loss.

Felix eats fingers.Oscar likes to sit on our fancy-ass Waldorfian felted wool playscape.
They love each other.

*Yes, most of these photos were taken with Hipstamatic for iPhone. What of it?