Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here Be Dragons

Aleks wanted me to make a dragon for him the day we made the poxy chicken, but we were making the chicken and eventually he got distracted about the chicken, but I kept the dragon in mind anyway. So a few days pass, and we're in dire need of something creative or challenging as things have gotten a bit stagnant at the house with all the being inside with chicken pox and later just sheer laziness, so I pull out the dragon idea again. Aleks thinks it's awesome. We discuss what kind of dragon he would like, whether a traditional European type dragon

Or an Asian dragon like the Eric Carle sticker Bastian recently stuck to the window in their room:

Aleks is determined that the collage dragon be like the Eric Carle one and that we make it one hundred feet long. He scales it back almost immediately to a much more reasonable fifty-foot paper dragon. I tell him that first we need to plan it out, so we all get out our sketchbooks to draw the Eric Carle dragon so we know how the parts need to go together. And we draw dragons, even Bastian:
My dragon.
Aleks' dragon.
Bastian's dragon.

Then we spend some time ripping out blues and greens for the scales from magazines in our collage supply box, but get distracted by other things and the amount of blue and green we will be needing for a fifty foot dragon, so the project rests until another day... Surely there will be updates...

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Lynnie said...

Can't wait to see more dragons!!! Hey, Bastian's Dragon looks suspiciously like my Ibby's pig she drew earlier today! Perhaps there is some biological connection between pigs and dragons after all.