Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Seedlings for Earth Day

Earth Day was the new time slot for our Unschooling Co-op/Lego Club-whatever-it-is, so we made planted some seeds. I encouraged the use of marigolds for our garden to keep out pests. The boys liked to pop beans out of some pods that had dried and use those.

Mari makes her own lovely potting mix, which is more ambitious than what we're doing these days, but then she's a Master Gardener. Maybe one day we'll get there (and be able to keep our houseplants alive and well looking).Egg Cartons, we are finding, are infinitely useful.

The boys pick their seeds, then run outside again, then back in and finish pressing them all into cups before I've had a chance to grab my camera again. When they are growing big, I will show them off again.

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