Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Stuffs

In attempts to save money for the possible move next summer, we are no longer purchasing the very important items we usually luxuriate in: beer, restaurants, and videos from Vidstar. Additionally, it is now winter in Cleveland, meaning that trips out are few and far between. We're bound to drive one another insane if cooped up too long in the house, however, so it takes some creativity to find the things that are not in our living room, wasting away on the computer or with dreadfully stale activities. Here are some things we've been doing recently:

Long trips to the library, where Bastian plays with the Duplo blocks in the Children's section. Aleks, at 6, cannot have his photo taken without elaborate posing, usually in the mode of Kung Fu.

We worked a bit at the giant paper dragon we've been planning for some months now.
We did not get very far, unfortunately. Just some scales and spikes cut out...
Moonlit walks in the bitter cold help to wear out over-energized children and calm Mama and Papa's frustration...

Standing on fire hydrants scares passing cars, we have found.
Frightening Papa with giant robotic dinosaurs in the a.m. is also a fun distraction.
Building robots out of brothers.
Making foot art.


Linda said...

I love the dinosaur in the bed. That would've scared the crap out of me.

Julie said...

We too have been cutting back and I'm finding new ways everyday to save money it seems. We've recently been finding ourselves overextended and are in the process of refinancing our house (hopefully it goes through!). I just did a frugality post on my site last night.

It's amazing how all the little things add up. Speaking of which, I need to run go put the beans I soaked last night into the slow cooker:)

kivyn said...

Those Kung Fu photos remind me of my little one at that age. Of course, he hasn't stopped posing for photos, even five years later!

I've been loving your blog, and I've given you a lemonade award. If you haven't received one already, you can read about it at my blog: