Friday, June 3, 2011

Harry and the Potters, 5/30/11

The night before surgery, Aleks hits the bar. We walked up to the venue up the street from our house to see Harry and the Potters for the second time. Bastian opted out, but our friend Heather came with us. She had never seen the before, but watched We Are Wizards and knew she liked them. Because who wouldn't?!?

At the merch table, they had a special briefcase which required an opening spell, "Alohomora!" Inside was just secret merchandise. Very cool, secret merchandise, of course.
I loved this lady's t-shirt.
Heather and I spent time messing with our iPhones (nerds) while Aleks gulped down Sprite.

The opening band, Shisho consisted of a 14-year-old girl and her 10-year-old sister. Harry and the Potters write:
They’ve been playing together for 6 years. Apparently they got inspired after seeing us play in the basement of Macs Backs in Cleveland on our first tour in 2004. The frontwoman, Vivian Ramone(!) would have been SEVEN at that time. HECK YES! This warms my wizard heart.
They played some nerd-core song I'd never heard of.
Then the main event.
See Aleks down by the stage, bottom right.

A friend's baby enjoying show.
Aleks running around like a maniac, swinging his arms, hanging out with Shisho's little brother.

They finished up with a great encore:

Heather loved it all.

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Anonymous said...

Yall's is cute. I'm glad Aleks got to break it and shake it down before his surgery. From FB it looks like he's doing very well, no?