Friday, June 10, 2011

How it Went - Day of Surgery

I meant to do this every day as we went along, but, well, I didn't. So I'm playing catch-up, as I am want to do. I have finally figured out that I can indeed blog from my phone, so I'm hoping that that's how I'll spend the summer and then folks will read this again and stuff. Anyway...

I'll include the live tweeting I did of the day...

Ordinarily, when I see 4 a.m., it's decidedly more fun & involves resting my head after drinks with friends as opposed to making coffee.

Aleks' feet needed washed from running around at the Grog Shop during Harry and the Potters last night. Refused to brush teeth.

In line with fifty thousand other people having surgery today. It's like Soylent Green or something. #madeofpeople

Large groups of patients and family members disappear behind the wall...

Only the children remain...

Aleks is pointing out all his boo-boos after being asked about bruises or rashes. Now explaining who his cats are.

Examining his pulse oximeter
We found Cartoon Network. All is well.
What Jon does while waiting...
Aleks wanted me to share this photo with all his followers on Facebook and Twitter (there were many).
The Physician's Assistant came in. Getting closer...

I suit up to go back with him.
He's in surgery now. Foamed at the mouth from the gas, but stayed mostly calm and went to sleep.

Au bon pain plays crappy light rock. Also only have diet soda. But the croissants probably have real butter.

No updates via page from the OR. We ate lunch, sat outside for awhile, then navigated back to our building. Then we found the Minotaur.

Overheard in CCF halls: someone singing Strangers in the Night and someone saying "Girl, you so fiiiinnne."

Since Jon and I were alone in the middle of the day, enjoying lunch together, then chatting, it was almost like we were on a date.
Pager had us go to find a doctor, which freaked me out. Upon investigation, just needed to sign a consent form for the ear tubes.

The bone graft & nose revision part is done and went perfectly. He's getting ear tubes right now.

As an addition, Mr. HotShot Magic Hands was his usual arrogant self. I asked if he would be doing rounds in the morning. He said, "Oh no, I've got to present a paper in DC tomorrow. Then I come back, then I'm in Virginia the day after that and I've got another conference." I just nodded and asked who would be doing rounds, but what I wanted to say was, "Dude, I don't give a fuck about your career. Will you be taking care of my KID or not?" I was assured "someone" out of the 17 doctors he works with would come around. Great.

He's awake. He says he feels like shit.
Meds working and going in and out of sleep.

The pulse oximeter glows inside Jon & Aleks' clasped hands...

Transferring upstairs.
Transferred to a room. Watching cartoons again. He's not answering questions anymore.

The following are currently disallowed: forks, metal spoons, drinking straws, fingers, crunchy foods, and liquids that are not clear.

Aleks says he didn't lose his sense of humor in the operation.

Aleks is very excited to discover that he can now bend his left leg without his hip hurting. Meds must be working.

Jello for dinner.

Hates ear drops. Jon has to roll him over every time he wants to switch sides. And Aleks is apparently destined to write comedy because he peed in a jar.

Under dim lighting, with the buzz of hospital machinery and the sound of the opening and shutting of doors off in the corridor, a father reads The Hobbit to his son, who, filled with holes in mouth and hip and hands, listens intently.

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em said...

You have such a great boy who is so lucky to have such amazing parents. Rock on!