Friday, June 3, 2011

Bastian Turned 6

So in the midst of Aleks having surgery, Bastian also turned 6 on Sunday. We had a little party here at home. My neighbor Angie made us a fabric banner for birthdays, which will now fly from our porch whenever there is cause for celebration. So if you're walking by, you'll know what's up. We made pancakes for breakfast. He woke up and I saw him walking toward the living room, so I called him over to my bed and we had the following exchange:

Me: Happy Birthday!
Bastian: Thanks!
Me: Want some breakfast?
B [tapping chin in thought]: Hmmm... What's a thing I can do for breakfast?
Me: Pancakes?
B: Genius!

The "genius" was also accompanied by a hug and a cuddle.
We put Lego guys that Bastian picked out on his cake, which was our usual sour milk cake, but chocolate, using a recipe from The English Kitchen blog.

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