Friday, December 18, 2009

Woodland Elves

I originally intended to fit this activity in wherever I could, ideally when we put the winter table together. We took it with us on a visit to Mari's Open House one Friday, but did not get to it. Mari, upon hearing of it, however, made a sad face about having missed it, so we brought it back the next week after breakfast with Santa and Snowdrop's Adventure game.

We made the acorn gnomes back in the fall and I saw Woodland Elves at Ordinary Life Magic, so it seemed the logical next step. We used many of the materials we'd gathered on our walk earlier in the countdown.

In large part, elves were constructed by myself and Mari. Bastian made the one on the left, however. He chose the pieces and their locations while I hot-glued.

Then we hung them on the tree.

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