Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Countdown - Day Eighteen - December 14

While we busily worked on things for Christmas gifts and assorted holiday crafts, we were able to achieve this day's activity quite simply... I had weeks ago gotten tons of holiday music out from the library. We like to include Fleet Foxes in the rotation usually, but did not this particular day. Bastian particularly liked the "Mambo Santa Mambo" song from the Hipster collection. So much so that we all had a chorus of it during a bath late in the night and then had to go look up how to dance the mambo on youtube later in the evening.

We did the ivory soap technique for making snow found at Julie's site, but wanted to let it dry before putting it in with the other materials. We may have to use it elsewhere as this table looks lovely as is. Someone put a bell on the philodendron that hangs nearby...

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