Sunday, November 15, 2009

What Was Actually Accomplished

After the thing that resembled list-making in yesterday's blog post, what we actually accomplished seemed worth detailing. Firstly, I started work on the cooperative mission statement whatnot, which I'm sure all readers are infinitely fascinated by.

I then got as far as to read the Christmas Countdown list from last year and realize I'd already saved it in a Word document last year.

As I was working on both of those things at the computer and after the Tile Guy finished up with our grouting and ceiling patch, Natalie announced she was going to go get kasha at the store. I said, "Oh good!" and handed her the fruit-and-veggie-laden grocery list, which she sighed heavily at. Then Aleks wanted to go with her. Then Bastian wanted to go with her as well, so I decided it best if we all got ready and went to the store together.

At the Food Co-op, we saw our friends India and George and talked happily about the sleepover Aleks & Bastian had at their house last week, as well as about the upcoming changes in the works for the Co-op. Since the co-op didn't have kasha, we decided to go to the Russian grocery.

In the entryway of the store was this poster. It's some theatre event that I can't quite understand.Aleks was wearing his lion costume. Apparently, this is his usual grocery store attire.
I quite liked this weird Troll guy.
Honeycomb in jars. Jon has told me before about getting comb straight out of the fridge at his grandparent's house (they kept bees) when he was a kid. My parents have also kept bits of comb about for chewing on. Aleks was into it. There were bulk Russian chocolates and candy, the children's favorite part by far.

On the way to the Russian store, Natty got a call from our friend of ours that they were going to be playing soccer at a field between the Russian store and our home. So we went for the pick-up game. I called Jon while we were there to get started on the pizza dough so it'd be ready for dinner, even if we didn't get a chance to make our own mozzarella.

Aleks was way into playing with the big kids.
Bastian tried it out a bit too.

Johnny brought the heat. And the crazy.

Natty in action!
Aleks got filthy dirty by attacking people's legs as a defensive mode. I told him he'd go the way of that girl from the University of New Mexico team who got suspended. The other players didn't seem to need to give him a card at all though.
Examining injuries (from wrestling with his brother at home the night before rather than flinging himself at running adults).

It was a beautiful day.
Anna, in between a wedding and a reception, stopped by to play zombie with Bastian a bit.

We taught Bastian how to do somersaults. I consider it a minor failure as a mother for not having ever shown him before!

Afterward, it got so late we totally couldn't finish the pizzas and instead ran about finishing our errands before ordering take-out pizza while Jon and I ate out with our friends over at Slow Learning.

We may not have finished much of our to-do list, but it was a full and lovely day nonetheless.


Rachel said...

Anna, I think you posted or sent me this list, but it may not surprise you to know I can't find the list of activities you had. I want to do this countdown this year too! :) (I suppose I could figure out my own 24 things to do, but I'd love to be inspired by or steal ideas from you too, hee hee.)

Rachel said...

Anna, I went back to your blog from last year, and I read all the posts about what you did (also because I remembered you had done some things that I wanted to do, and which would require further information than just the idea "make edible gifts for the birds"), and I found your complete list that you actually made at my request (embarrassed grin here). So I'm all set! Thank you for all these ideas! I'm excited to actually be thinking about this and have time to get it together before the first of December. It's only because YOU are organized! :)

Kate said...

i may have to look at past posts too! i'm totally game for an activity count down! Not sure if it's an activity you all are down for, but we go caroling every year.. I think I will add that to our list!

anna kiss said...

I totally meant to link to the complete list! doh! Well click there^^ and you'll see it.

I do need new Christmas/Winter crafts. One thing we wanted to make was crystal snowflakes. We made some borax ones last year. Maybe we'll do some Epsom salt ones. Then we can hang them in our winter nature table.

After that though, I got nothin'. If you spot anything, send it my way!