Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Days of Summer

In late days of summer, it got warm again, briefly. We took the opportunity to swim at what was formerly Lego Club and has since become simply an open house day.Bastian is strong.
Gilda, with rain barrels.
Mari shows the kids how to dig up purple potatoes.
Their garden is massive.
The purple potatoes...
Which Ivy, in a kimono, plucked to take home.

They also have a plum tree...
And a pool!

Aleks wore his lion costume (a garage sale find) over there and back.
Bastian wore a superman t-shirt and playsilk cape. On the way home, we stopped to buy bread for garlic bread at the grocery store. Everyone looked at them like we were crazy. But they got a smile out of it nonetheless. A gentleman in the parking lot asked me if they were dressed for a school something. I told him, "No, my kids just wear costumes everywhere." Then I added, "it brightens everyone's day though - look at you! It put a smile on your face, didn't it?" I like to razz people. Can't help it.

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Chrissy Johnson said...

In my experience (which is minimal, really) I've noticed that boys will play dress up to an almost obsessive level (more than girls)...Xander is the SAME way, goes thru more costume changes than a Vegas showgirl. A little boy in my story time when I worked in a library came as something different every week: lion, jedi, knight, dinosaur, "bad guy with a cape"...I love it. Happy. Happy.