Monday, November 16, 2009

Natty's Birthday Potluck

Both boys were tremendous help getting the house ready to have guests. Together they picked up the house, helped fold & put away laundry, prepared the candle-holders with new tea lights, cleaned the front picture window, emptied the compost, and generally did many, many little tasks of bringing me necessary items or putting things in their proper home.

They also helped put together the two pizzas Natty made. One was butternut squash, bacon, pesto, and mozzarella (store bought from being short on time and long on things to do), and the other was tomato sauce, pesto, fresh mozzarella, and five other cheeses. I didn't actually get to try either, but everyone said they were great. The kids gobbled down most of the cheese pizza themselves, then helped themselves to cookies, strawberry shortcake, and brownies.
All in all, the event was quite the success. Aleks gave Heather & Steve drawings of squid, whales, bears, and zombie wolves, and played Lego with Johnny, Bob, and Steve (all very big boys). Bastian and Aleks also got a lot of tickling and wrestling and turning upside down out.

I enjoyed shmancy shortribs and wine. Yum...

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Lillian said...

Sounds fun! Did Natty get my postcard in the mail yet I sent it like two weeks ago!