Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Morning

I see lots of list-making on different homeschooling blogs and that makes a good bit of sense to me. Today I woke up early to get a shower in before the Tile Guy came to re-grout the shower. For a Saturday and for me, getting up early is an anomaly. Showering early is even more so. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. So I made coffee and fed the kids and shooed Bastian off his inappropriate video games to takeover at the computer. There is much to do today.

It's November, which means it's time to think of the rapidly approaching Holidays. There are gifts to be made, the holiday card to design and letter to write (anyone interested in exchanging?), the Christmas Countdown to plan (though I swore we wouldn't do it again after how much it amped the kids up for the holidays, now it's their favorite tradition), Hanna Anderson Christmas pjs to pick out (and decide on the right mark-down to buy them at!), on and on... And there are lots of questions there for you, dear reader!

Namely: What are some good crafts for winter for our Christmas countdown? We can't do the same ones as last year, of course. Please send us links and suggestions!

Additionally, this morning we are
* working on playing
* thinking about the grocery list and new ways to get more fruits and veggies into children who like very few
* drawing

Zombie Family with Zombie Natty on her laptop, where she lives:

Later we hope to
* make homemade mozzarella (after that grocery trip!) for
* making homemade pizza (with Julie's pizza crust tip)
* picking up our local, organic beef order
* Mama has to work on developing examples of mission statements of Cooperative Grocery Stores so as to consider a new vision for our Food Co-op
* Papa and Mama are going out to dinner with out-of-town friends, so that while the kids enjoy pesto and mozzarella pizza, we'll be eating rosemary french fries
* cleaning the house for our potluck for Natty's birthday tomorrow
* finishing up knit swatches for the joint graffiti knitting project going up in Coventry on, er, Monday, perhaps?

Is there time yet for all these endeavors? I must be getting on with it...

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