Saturday, July 4, 2009


I've been neglecting the blog. We were away and now we are back and there are so many photos from our travels, but not the time to do much more than to upload them. So if you scroll down and look back, I should have by now left a brief summary (in photo form) of many of our adventures. It's not much, but we're busy preparing for an engagement party we'll be hosting by doing lots of cleaning, lots of errand-running, lots of lazing about the house, lots of weeding of the garden, and some crafts. I'll update that as well here at some point and speak at length about the thoughts in my head when I get a moment to have them.

Okay, the best way to do this (if you're gonna) is to start after the Saskatoon post (my last, pre-vacation post) and work backwards, or forward in time. Wait, nevermind. I'll do it for you. Go in this order:

Cherry Pickin'
We Interacted With Nature!
We Moved Heavy Stuff!
We Road-Tripped!
We Went to the Beach!
First Evening at the Beach...
We Swam!
We Did Things We Do Normally!
We Played with a Rhinoceros Beetle!
We Spied Sea Creatures!
We Played in the Sand!
We Spent Time with Family & Friends!
We Road-Tripped Back Home!

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