Friday, June 26, 2009

We Spent Time with Family & Friends!

Me in Southport, on the Cape Fear River...Grandma Cat
Uncle Tony
Aunt Natty and Great Aunt/Grandma/Godmother Marty
Bastian and Max, eating pudding (something that never ever ever makes it into my house)...
Natty and Sebastian being crazy, spanking butts (though it's never okay to hurt...unless they like it).
Bastian fell deeply in love with Aunt Lilly's friend Alisha. He spent his time doting on her, fawning over her, petting her, smiling, and whispering "I loooooooove Alisha..."
Bastian and Aunt Lilly
Left to Right...
1st Row: Grandma Cat, anna kiss
2nd Row: Marty, Uncle Tony, Jeri, Grandpa Jim
3rd Row: Jon, Dan, Max, Aleks, Alisha, Bastian, Aunt Lilly, Aunt Natty

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