Saturday, June 20, 2009

We Moved Heavy Stuff!

A couple of days before we arrived at the grandparent's house, Grandpa Jim was mowing the lawn when one of the swings on the swingset caught onto the tractor, pulling the whole thing over on him. It struck him a bit in the head, though he didn't have a concussion. The main damage was to his back, which he unknowingly exacerbated with physical labor and he spent the whole vacation in varying amounts of pain. The big crossbeam actually pealed the hat from his head and pinned it to the steering wheel.
One morning before we left for the beach, all the adults in the house had to help put the swingset back into place.
Bastian wanted to come out, but since I didn't want him underfoot and possibly getting hurt, we compromised by positioning him in the laundry room with the camera to capture our work.

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