Thursday, June 5, 2008

At the Farm

Papa is in New York for a week right now. You read that right, another week. So we are visiting my parents. Papa took the camera with him, so unfortunately, we cannot take photos of all the lovely things we have been up to. I thought I'd offer a bulleted list instead.

So far this week we have:
  • looked for snakes in the yard and found one
  • caught another caterpiller that got out of the bug box overnight and was sucked dry by a spider (though Aleks thinks it just got away - I couldn't bear to break his heart all over again)
  • watched birds through binoculars
  • spied baby robins a few feet off the ground
  • identified flowers
  • checked out the chickens, which are now very big
  • started a big fire to burn off brush
  • celebrated Bastian's 3rd birthday (with cake!) - here we have one lonely picture that Grandma Cathy emailed me:

  • gone visiting, played with dogs
  • eaten lots of junk food
  • enjoyed lots of cable television
  • swung lazily in the hammock
  • played with Bootsie the dog and Ziggy the cat
  • made a huge mess of the board games
  • tried to give Bootsie a shower (Bastian)
  • cooked birthday cakes, barbecue sauce, spaghetti, and pancakes with Grandma Cat
  • learned to make chocolate milk without help
  • escaped the yard
  • played in the sandbox
  • gone swimming, learned to kick
  • explored the children's museum (twice!) - especially enjoyed the three-story slide and the Egyptian room with the real mummies
  • started excavating a miniature T. rex skeleton
  • acted very crazy, as usual
  • gone to see Prince Caspian (Aleks & mama)
  • joined the summer reading challenge, filled in lots of minutes with the big stack of books Grandma Cat got at the library
  • painted our toenails
The coming days will surely bring much more! We have the children's garden yet to visit and plenty of more swimming to do now that it's so hot. Plus, there's a baseball game on Sunday.

Oh! I just realized I do have video of Aleks pretending to be a zombie at the pool today.


Rachel said...

Wow, another week without Jon so close to the eleven days without him? That's tough. But it sounds like you're having a blast at the farm! That's the sort of holiday we would have to do some major planning to achieve, and for you guys, it's visiting your parents. What fun! :)

anna kiss said...

It's not exactly a farm...I should have said, but having five acres means that even when I don't do anything, there's plenty for the boys to do. Plus, and here's the best part, I'm not working at all while I'm here, so I'm not stressed out about the whole thing. I watch movies and sleep in a bit if I can. I don't have to make every meal. I can just focus on being a decent mom. It's much easier for me than being at home. Even though my mom and step-dad both work every day. My sister did visit briefly and she'll be back tomorrow, but she's going to Bosnia on the 10th...lame-o.