Friday, June 6, 2008

Excavating the Dinosaur

My camera on my phone is broken, so the pictures never come out right, but since Papa has our digital camera, this is all I've got. I wanted to get a picture of the excavation process before we destroy too much of the brick. We've been less gentle than a paleontologist would be and made probably faster progress. Since our bones are rubber, I'm not so worried. The kids get the idea anyway and Aleks seems more keen to figure out how to put the skeleton together, which is its own awesome project.
Aleks chose the Tyrannosaurus rex over the Stegosaurus and Triceratops. Presumably because it's fierce.
T. rex was a huge meat-eating dinosaur that lived during the late Cretaceous period, about 85 million to 65 million years ago. T. rex lived in a humid, semi-tropical environment, in open forests with nearby rivers and in coastal forested swamps. The seasons were mild.

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