Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Star Wars Cookery

When I saw that Max and Otto were making recipes from the Star Wars Cookbooks, I knew Aleks would love to try it out too. Once the books came in from the library, they mostly sat around for awhile. Aleks pulled the first book out today, though, and made me read all the recipes to determine what we had enough ingredients to make. Most of the recipes are junk, and lots contain things we don't really eat, but the pictures are hilarious.

We ended up making Hoth Chocolate. To our disappointment, we could not find any of our three Yoda action figures. I don't know where they possibly could have gone. They may be at Grandma Cat's house and we can check for that when we head there for Bastian's 3rd birthday.
I take what I said about not finding Yoda back. We found one, but he didn't have a head.


Rachel said...

Ha ha! You are absolutely right that most of the recipes are not actually anything very good (even the basic chocolate chip cookies they have in there were rejected by my two as inferior to the regular version we make), but just the ideas in it for naming our food and giving it a theme have been really fun. Our favorite by far is the Yoda Soda, which we have made several times. Especially on a hot day. We have not found lime sherbet, however, so ours is a fancy version with lemon or with coconut sorbetto.

Anonymous said...

I will see if I can find 2(YODA) at the store. GOT to send you the package SOOoon.

we love u all,

Grandma Littlestar

Kiersten said...

We like the twin sun toast :)


anna kiss said...

It just occurred to me that we didn't need the Yoda figures anyway. I was thinking Hoth was Dagobah for some reason! I should have photographed a snow scene with a different Luke. Argh.