Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break

I was away last week on vacation without the family and Papa did not photograph or blog about the boys' exploits in front of the computer and portable DVD player. When I got back, however, we headed down to the grandparents' farm for baby chickens and Easter-ness to celebrate the beginning of Spring.

Aleks loved the Black Stars, tried to name them. Bastian too. We had to chain the door to the laundry room closed so he wouldn't hassle the chicks too much. He dropped one on its back and nearly killed it. She survived, thank goodness.

Later on the first night, Papa found Aleks in the buff playing with the Buff Orpingtons again (except they weren't really Buff Orpingtons).
Bastian loves to feed the big chickens with Grandpa Jim. He hassles all the hens.
Both my boys are popular with the chicks. When they aren't trying to kill them.

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Alana said...

That is TOO cute!