Monday, October 4, 2010

Nom Nom Nom

I am the best mother in the world due to pumpkin cinnamon rolls. They take all freaking day to make, but minutes to eat while watching Netflix streaming in your jammies.
I didn't do the cranberry and crystallized ginger which the recipe calls for because I didn't think the kids would eat it. This calls for dry milk too, which I had to send out for at the last minute. The parts which take the longest are cooking the pumpkin, then letting the rolls rise twice for an hour and a half each. I also made three trays of fruit leather (apple cinnamon, pear/apple, and apple/strawberry), which I attempted to dehydrate in the oven. Only part of the apple/strawberry made it out alive after I tried to dry the last bit out in the morning and became a tad neglectful. The others all burned.

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Julie said...

Sounds yummy! We made homemade toaster pastries yesterday. Not quite as much work, partly because I made up the dough last week, but they were definitely good.