Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birthday Party

We were invited to a costumed birthday party, so we went costumed. On the way, however, I had about fourteen errands to run and was running late as is usual for us. Amidst my errands, Aleks decided that we had to stop and buy Pokemon cards for Jonas for his birthday as the book I'd picked out was not adequate. Thus we stopped at the 117th Street Target in complete costume. I was a witch, Bastian was a lion, and Aleks was the Grim Reaper. He's the only one who's really decided on his Halloween costume. I think he had his mind made up about it for quite some time, actually. The lion costume made its way from the depths of the costume box.

While walking into the store, we started to get quite a lot of stares. Most of these were accompanied by smiles and small laughter. One kid screamed at us repeatedly from a van in the parking lot. It was like being famous. Everyone recognized us and stared and had a nice giggle. It wasn't in mockery, it was in complete fun. Quite lovely. As was the party, where, aside from the hostess, I was the only adult in costume. As usual. Sigh.

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