Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh Right, The Garden...

Here it is. It's not growing. There hasn't been any sun. It's just sitting there, surviving, at this point. I'm sure it will grow eventually. The boys and Natty and I built it out of scrap wood we found and sticks. It's very hobbit-y that way. We have a row of sunflowers in the back, which will look pretty at some point. Somehow, they're growing without sun.
Tomatoes have a couple of tiny tomatoes on them. Teeny tiny.
Basil. This one we bought. The others, growing from seed, have sprouted, but aren't growing much.
Our gnome tends to the herbs. And his collection of shiny things.
These potatoes started growing out of the compost, so I transplanted them. Now there are tomato sprouts growing out of the mounds. Behind are fennel and dwarf curry. And rows of found rocks.


Julie said...

I love the rocks and sticks:) Our garden is slowly growing as well, lots of cool weather and rain here lately. Lettuce, greens and beets are still doing well. Saturday it was in the 50's, yesterday was 80's.

anna kiss said...

That's how our weather is too. It's a pain. I'm hoping it will pick up. Any day now! I think the garden will look better once things grow more and if I cut down the grass around it. The grass is growing plenty!