Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First City Fresh

First off, before we ever got to City Fresh, we had swim lessons. Turns out that Bastian is a little ahead of the curve and will be moving up to Level II. I feel very proud of him. Aleks caught on soon enough what it meant, but when we talked about it I told him that Bastian, as the littlest, is never the best at anything, so it's good to let him have this one thing and it's exciting that he gets to move up.

I also assured him that it just means that they'll be in different classes and that they'll still likely be on a similar pace. No one's going to start swimming breast strokes and outpacing anyone. He thought that was all good, but told me he still didn't like swim lessons. I asked if it was because it was cold. He replied affirmatively. I told him that that was just the weather and not the lessons and that it would, in all likelihood, improve soon. I sure hope so. It was more breezy today, which made the lessons even colder than yesterday. Aiyaiyai!

Then it was home for lunch, then on to City Fresh. I'm the volunteer coordinator this year, so I did the whole day again just to help make sure everyone knew what they needed to do. I'm not sure how this is all going to play out though. I may still end up doing the whole day, kids in tow as always, all over again. At least this year Natalie will be there by my side.
Every year, I take veggie photos and they never get boring. The radishes were huge!

As was the bok choy. Especially considering nothing seems to be growing in my garden (remaining alive - yes; growing - no).
We also got a special treat of Amish-made Huckleberry jam.
There were chives. With purple chive blossoms attached.
And strawberries! Everyone's favorite! Everyone always loves the fruit.
There was way too much kohlrabi. We had trouble last year figuring out what to even do with the kohlrabi. We made slaw, if I remember correctly. Also, I don't think it was the best choice. Despite the homemade mayonnaise we put on it.
Red onions. So so pretty.

Aleks has been a bit testy lately. I'm going to blame the expander. Because it's the only thing that makes sense.
Aleks did return all our library materials and draw Summer Reading propaganda on the sidewalk, however. He even added his own touch of Poseidon (proof of his recent obsession with the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series - an excellent read if I do say so myself).

I liked his monsters. So did Henry the children's librarian.
Cleanup. The children walked home with our neighbor, who has been so so nice through all of this. I hope she likes her City Fresh share and doesn't feel too roped into it! Maybe she has some good kohlrabi recipes to share with me.


Julie said...

Went to our first farmer's market on saturday here. We are gonna be selling stuff later when we start getting extras and wanted to check out the scene. Picked up some red onions like the ones in your picture. No kohlrabi. Got collard greens, and everyone was selling lettuce which is overflowing in our yard.

Love the chalk art!

anna kiss said...

Yes! The lettuce here too. We got chard, romaine, beets, radishes, chives, oregano, dill, kohlrabi, the berries, jam, red potatoes... I think that's it. Lots of green stuff at any rate. The farmers are all using greenhouses. They must start this stuff in the fall, I swear. It's super big compared to what I'm seeing.

Mara said...

Above is a link to one of my favorite food blogs - perhaps you'll find a good use for all that kohlrabi!

anna kiss said...

Thanks, Mara! We ate one raw today. So that's one down. Jeesh... Maybe my neighbors would want one...