Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Festivities at the Grandparents'

Saturday, the weather was weird. It was all sunny and beautiful, but awfully windy, then it'd sprinkle, then be sunny again. Finally, it rained decently and the wind calmed down. I wandered around the property in the afternoon, taking photos.
The boys picked these flowers for me at the Good Friday Sing Along party we went to Friday night.
We didn't dye our eggs, but they were already colorful.
Bastian spent the afternoon helping Grandpa Jim install new gutters with these fancy brackets.
They got six baby chicks for spring as well. Just for the boys.

Aleks got attacked viciously by the rooster and spent his day healing on the couch. He had been wearing his new summer pjs which are shorts and short sleeves and the mean rooster, who we swore wasn't a rooster initially, had a clear shot. He was wearing 8 band-aids by the end of it and we had to put neosporin with pain reliever on all his cuts to help him feel better. He even limped when he walked. Poor little dude.
Later in the evening, we built a fire for roasting marshmallows since the weather was so lovely.
Aleks limped out to help.
The sun went down. We ate brats and Italian sausage for dinner then roasted marshmallows.

Afterward, the boys needed a bath. Jon and I went out alone to see a band in town.

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