Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday

We celebrate Easter as default because my parents were all raised Catholic. We mostly just think of it as a spring celebration. And we like chocolate. So it's totally secular, as we are totally secular in general. Just puttin' that out there, I suppose.

My parents stuff the baskets and hide the eggs and we come visit for the weekend because, well, because it's nice and we get to spend time with family. The kids dig it.
Grandma Cat and Mary Beth after dinner.
The amazing Nasty Lee!

Great Uncle Joe pushin' Bastian on the swing.

Aleks re-started the fire from the night before on the hot coals.


Lillian said...

errr its 70 in dayton right now and 43 and rainy in chicago booo!


anna kiss said...

But the Indians are beating the Sox!

Lillian said...

interesting? where did they play?

anna kiss said...

In Chicago!