Monday, April 5, 2010


We got everything started a bit late, being that it was April Fool's Day already. I suppose we were the fools for that, but better late than never. Better this than trying to find a way to justify buying whole plants. They are far too expensive, frankly and we are far too impoverished to bother. Plus, I always like the feeling of making something I could buy.

Thus, the seeding. I was vaguely prepared this year, actually. Usually it's Jon who plants the seedlings and I tell him how he's doing it wrong. I managed to get out pots and buy a full spectrum light bulb to make these suckers grow. I even wrote down what we're planting so I can know where it should go and what it is later on.

Our plan is to build a sunflower house and focus the whole of the garden around it, concentrically or some such. I didn't buy any morning glory seeds, but they can go directly in the ground in May, so I may try that. Hopefully it, you know, works. Aunt Lilly, out on Spring Break, helped us clean out the garden of dead plants, cover the compost nicely with lots of brown matter, and pick trash up from all over the yard. The weather has been so nice that one should almost find things to do outside just to make up reasons to be away from other to-do lists and emails and things that suck one in indoors. Ahhh...Spring...


Chrissy Johnson said...

I am SO jealous. SO jealous. SO. SO. SO. Of your sun, of your grass, of all of it. We're still COVERED in soot and snow. Wahhhh.

Julie said...

Your good with the summer stuff. Starting them 6 weeks before plant out date is about right. Some are a little longer like 8-12. We are late with our spring stuff, just now planting out our broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, chard & lettuce.

For future reference, you can use a housing unit for lights and just use 1 warm & 1 cool light, used together they make up the full spectrum, it's a lot cheaper to buy regular bulbs than full spectrum.