Thursday, April 29, 2010

Attending the Symphony

Aleks and I went on first ever Homeschooling Co-op field trip (we don't actually participate in the co-op) last Thursday to attend the Cleveland Orchestra. I wasn't allowed to take photos in the auditorium, but the art-deco architecture was plentiful all over.

In the main entryway, there is a screw embedded in the floor mosaic. The children told us about how a worker during the construction of the building dropped a golden screw that landed right in the mosaic. When the floor was smoothed down, the screw got smoothed in half.
It's now the very important Tale of the Golden Screw, part of the history and romance of the building, told to all the school children who visit the place.
I would like lamps like these for my home.

During the concert, Aleks drew in my notebook. It was sort of hard for him to sit still the whole time. We were there with a million other schools and I instantly felt under the gaze of strict authoritarians. We were also trapped in the middle of the row, so there was no leaving without big interruption. We sort of had a tense conversation the whole time, but later in the day Aleks announced he wished he was back there! I was totally shocked by this pronouncement given his attitude during. Sigh.

The whole of the concert focused on the use of the percussion section.

I don't know the first song that was played - it was a Leonard Bernstein something-or-other, but the rest were as follows:
  • Symphonic Metamorphosis by Paul Hindemith
  • March of the Toreador from Carmen by Georges Bizet
  • Russian Dance from The Nutcracker by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  • Concertino for Xylophone and Orchestra by Toshiro Mayuzumi
  • Infernal Dance Of All Kashchei's Subjects from The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky
  • Perpetual Motion for Four Diverse Snare Drums by Richard Weiner, Principal Percussionist for the Cleveland Orchestra
  • Overture to West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein
  • Music from Star Wars by John Williams

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Rachel said...

This sounds like a good concert. We have suggested John Williams music to the telemarketers who keep calling us to sign us up for the CSO's children's series, but I suppose the telemarketers have no influence on the season. :)

We used to subscribe to the children's series, and Max would usually draw through the whole thing. We had seats on the end of the aisle, which was key for us, as we sometimes did get up and go out before the concert was over, listening to it while they ran around in the lobby. I can imagine Aleks drawing some of his creatures while listening to the Firebird. :)