Thursday, April 29, 2010


The neighborhood is awesome. A guy who lives next to the community garden has a trampoline for his older children who visit on weekends. Otherwise, it goes unused. He's allowed us to use it whenever we like (as long as the kids have an adult with them). He also has a giant fat cat named le Tigre who follows him when he walks his dogs. That's a nice sight, in general. le Tigre is also very nice and will let you pet him (her?). On Tuesday, the boys jumped.
I wandered around entertaining myself in the backyard. I also conducted some phone business.

The jumping and trampoline elastic made bunches of static electricity, which made their hair stand up nicely.

Strawberries are on the way next door.
The boys discovered a white spider and Bastian followed him under the trampoline to see what he would do.

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Rachel said...

Wow! What a perfect situation! This is my new fantasy for our neighborhood, since we definitely don't have room for a trampoline in our yard...of course it doesn't seem like anyone else does either...