Friday, April 23, 2010

Warm Day Sandwiched by Two Breezy Days

On a real warm day, I don knee-high socks, not realizing how actually nice it is and head, with the boys, feet a'sweating to get hairs cut and meet friends at the playground.
It's crabapple blossom season and boy howdy! Our neighborhood is full of them!Aleks before-ish.
Aleks after. He can see again.
Bastian Before.
Bastian after. They're so cute.
On the way up to the park, we met our friend Felicia who we stopped and talked with. Then we met our friend Katie who had just dropped her phone then had a bum picked it up who tried to charge her money to get the phone back. Aleks bored of this, said, "how many people do you know that we're going to run into?" My only explanation was, "It's Coventry!" Which is true. It's just how the neighborhood works.

Then we met India with her sons River and Ian at the park and played and played and played. Bastian went down the big giant slide by himself, for the first time ever. Sort of.
It was a good day.

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