Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Countdown - Day Twenty-Six - December 22

I planned this all out very carefully. Thus, on the 22nd, our scroll read:
22nd. Visit Baba.
The plan was to visit Jon's Baba (Ukranian for "Grandmother"), which is in the Northwestern part of the state, then leave from there to go to my parent's house where we spend every Christmas. And that's what we did.
Aleks made this video while we were there...

Baba tried to show me how to knit holes in order to create the same effect shown on the afghan behind us.The boys pulled out the only real toys there, an ancient tub of Lego.
We made a mess, worked on all our creative endeavors (we can't not, it would seem, no matter where we go), ate some sausage, cheese, and bread, then hugged and kissed goodbye til next year.

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