Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Countdown - Day Twenty-Seven - December 23

I know that Kate was really jealous of us doing this one, but I'll tell you what - don't be because we didn't.
23rd. Go see the lights at Clifton Mill.
We spent the day at Grandma Cat's in our pajamas, watching television (since we don't have one at our house, we always get sucked in at Grandma's), decorating the Christmas tree, hanging stockings, having fun with Aunt Lilly...

We let our tour the night before of the "Festival of Lights" in Baba's hometown of Archbold suffice for light-seeing instead. Besides, the roads were bad on the 23rd.

And we did fun stuff like this:


Rachel said...

Hee hee, I'm kind of relieved to see that some of your countdown activities went undone too. I've been meaning to make an explanatory blog post for ours, but basically halfway through the month, we sort of lost enthusiasm, with the combination of going out of town unexpectedly, and then returning to find we all had the flu. I've only just now recovered, it was a really hard one. So we ended up skipping out on most of the activities, which were, strangely, many of the outings we looked most forward to... Oh well, next year. And we still managed to have a pretty great month anyway.

anna kiss said...

Oh yes, it's inevitable that everyone does part of it and part of it falls by the wayside. Unless you're perfect like Soulemama. ;) I decidedly am not.