Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Countdown - Day Twenty-Five - December 21

The scroll was lost, but it read,
21st. Buy a gift for a family in need via Heifer International.
Alas, we did not. It was our every intention to buy honeybees (Aleks' suggestion), but since we were set to leave town on the 22nd, there was lots and lots to be done, which required running about all over the city.

As it turned out, we had several families headed by single mothers who needed some simple, but meaningful errands run for them, thus we replaced the helping a faraway, invisible family by purchasing honeybees with helping real-life families we know. One recently widowed mother of four needed some light holiday movies to help distract her and her children. Jon burned several and I took them over with some of the cookies the boys baked as well as some items she ordered from another area mother (who I also brought cookies to).

Then it was zipping up to the coffee shop where another single mama friend works to drop off a present she requested I purchase on behalf of her son for his surrogate dad since she'd run out of time between parenting alone and working all the time.

Also on the menu was a box of hand-me-down toys and clothes for yet another single mama friend's two-year-old son.

I managed, in all that, to pack for the entire family, finish all our holiday shopping, pick up the house, and get kielbasa for Jon's grandmother. Afterward, I stopped by a bar where a friend was having a karaoke birthday party to say hello. My sister turned up and we signed up to sing REO Speedwagon, but the karaoke closed up before we got the chance. Half of the people I know in the city were in attendance, however, and we were treated to many excellent and ironic renditions of hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The children stayed home watching holiday movies and eating too much chocolate. Surely that suffices as enough for the holiday countdown.

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