Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Countdown - Day Twenty-Eight - December 24

On Christmas Eve, we do the same thing every year.
24th. Christmas Eve: Unwrap one present after dinner (Mama & Papa get to pick which one).
Before that, however, we go to Grandma Cathy's house to visit with the rest of the family, who we don't see too often.

To clarify this family thing, Grandma Cathy is my step-mother, who was married to my dad, Papa Logan. Cathy is mother to my two step-siblings, Uncle Matthew and Aunt Laura. Aunt Laura is my only sibling who has children, Aleks and Bastian's four cousins. Grandma Cat is my mother and Grandpa Jim is my step-father. Their two daughters, Aunt Natty and Aunt Lilly, are my younger half-siblings. All very complicated...

This is Laura and I with the only daughter amongst us, Emmalynn.
Jon, Papa Logan, and Uncle Burke in Grandma's kitchen.
Uncle Matthew and Grandma Cathy.
Grandma Cathy got the boys this awesome LeapFrog (whose products I normally loath) globe thing, much like one that lives at her house which belonged to Mark. The kids have played with it for years and now we have one all our own. That night, the boys used it to learn about the varying places that NORAD was reporting Santa to be in on his way around the world.

Big family.
Back at Grandma Cat's house, I dipped pretzels in chocolate, then covered them in crushed Skor bars, then the boys opened their Christmas Eve gifts, which is the same thing every year, Hanna Andersson Holiday pajamas. Aleks is getting tired of this gift, but they're so cute in them!!! We all watched It's a Wonderful Life on television.
Aleks wrote Santa this cute little note to show where the cookies were.

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