Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day!

Somehow I got out of taking photos while visiting the grandparents. Bastian and Aleks received appropriate numbers of gifts, to my relief.

Aleks very much liked his knight costume, which I bartered for with a couple of local mamas. Bastian ate mountains of chocolate.
Lilly liked the hat I knit for her and the tote bag Aleks and I made (which, thanks to my moronic blogging, she already suspected). We also made bath bombs, though, and she wasn't expecting those. Ha!
Grandma Cat got Lilly, Natty, and I all Christmas jammies too, so we got to put those on Christmas Eve while putting out gifts and trying to assemble the ridiculously huge trampoline.

Jon got up early and made bacon and rosemary homefries for everyone. He and the boys stayed at the house while the rest of us took Jim's Aunt Lucy to a Christmas Day lunch. Then we all went to our friend Jeri's house for Christmas dinner where our usual exchange game devolved into nonsense. The boys played with their goodies and enjoyed the wonder of childhood.

To me, it felt not quite Christmas-like. Maybe it's stress, maybe I did too much, maybe the countdown over-did it for me (though the length of it this year did seem to keep them from getting as amped up about Christmas as they did last year) - I don't know... Something was different for me though. Maybe I'm just finally an adult. Will have to do something about that next year...

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