Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Countdown - Day Seven - December 3

Aleks came down with a nasty cold on December 3rd. The whole family was positively cranky because of it. And continues to be, despite very few of us actually being sick. It's a nice effect that should likely be studied.

I didn't have it together, therefor, to much bother with the activity.
Then at 9 or so at night, when the boys were watching a movie in bed, I changed my mind. Aleks and I began shaping snowflakes out of chenille craft sticks (or whatever they're called).We make things that look like butterflies and Rorschach tests and not so much snowflakes, but whatever.
Bastian slept. He's been sort of down on participating much all week.
Then Aleks and I headed to the kitchen and began mixing epsom salt and hot water.

Not much has really grown though. We did a sugar and water one too, but nothing really grew there either. We're going to try borax again. We've done that before successfully and we need these flakes for another project later in the week.

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