Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Borax Crystals Part II

After 24 hours, we checked our Borax Crystals (see Part I) and got out the Finished snowflake. The jar had lots of crystals stuck to the inside too. They didn't retain much of the blue coloring, unfortunately, but gave it a hint of icy bluishness.
We hung the finished snowflake in the dining room window. There's a bit of excess string at the top that has crystals clinging to it too, which offsets the symmetry. It's still pretty though. Aleks immediately wanted to make sugar crystals, but we haven't gotten around to those yet. I did find a recipe online though. By the way, if you google "homemade crystal making" you'll get not just recipes for sugar crystals, salt crystals (I bought some epsom salt to try these too), and borax crystals, but also for making crystal meth. There's whole flickr sets dedicated to it! Ack!!!

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