Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Countdown - Day Eight - December 4

Again, Aleks opens these scrolls and loses them before I've even read them. He's at least finally gotten over being disappointed about knowing what's on them ahead of time. I quit talking about them and what all we have to do in the coming days. I just try to make sure I know if it's go somewhere or do something involved beforehand, then I'm trying to forget about it. Seems to be working well enough so far.

Thanks to the master-list, though, I can tell you for sure that Dec. 4th was:
Pick out a really nice Christmas tree (but don’t squish any elves that may be hiding in the branches!).
So we did.

And a wreath too.

Then, failing to realize Day 9's activity, we decorated it and got the house all picked up again to admire it.

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sunnymama said...

Your tree is a beauty! :)