Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Countdown - Day Nine - December 5

Day Nine and I found the scroll amongst toys in Aleks' room. Now that he's reading, he just grabs them, reads them, and carries them about the house for awhile, often while I'm busy or asleep, so I don't even get to do a daily exciting opening-the-scroll event or photo. Oh well.I forgot to check my list carefully and we decorated the tree as soon as we got it, which was Day 8. Kudos to me for planning to take two days so I could catch up on everything else. Our tree is slightly larger this year than last, but we don't own any more lights. I think it looks okay anyhow.

After photographing the tree, I spent the day cooking. There was recent discussion on our local mama message board about how lame we are about supporting newly postpartum mothers. Having tried and failed to get something together for a new mom recently, I had an opportunity with this pseudo free day to get cooking. I wanted to use up things we had, make dinner, and have something leftover to take to the mama later. I made apple cake, banana bread, black bean soup, and chicken stock, roasted pumpkin seeds (twice), and started soaking garbanzo beans for hummus. Then I updated the blog and pre-dated everything so it would look, on the surface, as though I'd been keeping up all along.

We made hot cocoa late in the evening and simultaneously set some borax snowflakes to crystallizing so as to have them for the project I've planned later in the week. Hopefully these will be nice and crystallized come time for the project, unlike the salt and sugar crystals we started the other day.

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