Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Aleks' Dance Party

I decided it would be a good idea for me to do more with my spare time, so I started an unschooling co-op. After seeing the photos from RU Funky, I just couldn't help but want for a sort of community, spontaneity, and relaxed, non-anything-schooly days for my kids. So the kickoff was Sept. 2nd and as part of the festivities (which included eating food, chatting, and running amok), Aleks insisted on a dance party/contest. His favorite song of the moment is Electric Feel by MGMT, so of course the dancing took placed to it. The kids all wore costumes, of course.

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Rachel said...

Max and Aleks have even more in common than we originally thought...although Max's favorite MGMT song is Time to Pretend. We've got to get those boys together. Looks like a fun dance party, though.