Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Urban Campfire

After a day of eating brownies and cookies and running in and out of the house with 12 other kids, the first thing that I think of is, "what a perfect time for a fire!" Joy hung out with us after the Co-op Kickoff Day had ended to await her mother. Aleks decided, when noticing that I was recycling an egg carton, that we should go burn things outside on the sidewalk with a magnifying glass. I agreed to it and this lead to trying to see how big we could get the fire (with bits form the yard) and if we could keep it going. Then I got the brilliant idea to get the rest of our materials for s'mores from Aleks' birthday out of (hidden) storage. I couldn't find where I'd put the chocolate bars, so Kit-Kats had to do instead.

And thus we roasted s'mores on our front walkway.

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Rachel said...

That sounds so fun! I can't imagine I could get away with that on a Chicago sidewalk (people are a bit apprehensive about fire here, for good reasons, I suppose). But I love this image. It will be one of those memories the kids will have with them forever. Or maybe it will blur in with all the other cool things they do on a regular basis. What a wonderful life, right? ;)