Friday, July 10, 2009

That Super-Elegant Engagement Party I Mentioned

So the kids didn't do much except look at bugs, steal flowers from people's yards, and hide their Lego to help prepare, but since I'd mentioned it several times, I figured it appropriate to post the results of all our hard work and my obsessive insanity. No, I didn't make the cake. I just designed the image (our amazing friend and sometimes babysitter Zena made the cake).We had bouquets of flowers all over the house. We drove around the city all day Thursday picking them from the yards of the mamas on my local message board. I only stole the tiger lilies, some black-eyed susans, and a couple of purple coneflowers, I swear. And those were from public beds anyway.
We got hydrangeas from the yards of three different families. They were gorgeous! I've always wanted hydrangeas.
We took the Yucca flower from a fellow unschooling mama's yard, not quite knowing what we would do with it, but appreciating the contribution. Then I remembered that otherwise useless 2-liter Pilsner glass... We've found quite a bit of use for the dang thing.

The happy couple, rocking out.
See, so much fun to be had. Too bad the boys were with their best friends having immense fun of their own at a sleepover. I'm sure they did their own jumping.
Heather and me and Anna: my bestest Cleveland friends.

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