Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Cleverness of Us

Some things we've done lately.

Grown a rubber cobra (gifted to Bastian from Piddy Peddy for his birthday) in an otherwise useless 2-liter Pilsner glass of water to 600 times its size on the dining room table (it made quite the attractive centerpiece).
Acquired four pairs of hologram/3D glasses from seeing Up. The kids find them useful for dress-up, I guess.
Planted pumpkin seeds with Papa.

Papa built a jacked-up birdsnest of a trellis to support our five-million cucumber plants.
The growing season is far too short in Cleveland, but our garden is off to a decent start. Hopefully by July or August we'll be overwhelmed with cucumbers, melons, beans, and tomatoes. Papa bought a dill plant with which to make lots and lots of pickles when the time comes.


Julie said...

Looks good! Your cucumber plants are big! We need to build some sort of a trellis for our pickling cucumbers. We never seem to have much luck with Dill, although last year it reseeded itself and we had huge dill plants, but no pickling cucumbers:( Hopefully this year will be different.

Stephanie said...

the grow/swell/water thing made me laugh - we have one in the pond at the moment. It's a dinosaur, of course.
A two liter pilsner glass!?! whoof. :)

We want to see Up!
And everytime we go to the Planetarium we are tempted to pilfer a pair of glasses... though of course we don't.
Maybe if we see Up! they'll give them to us???

anna kiss said...

If you see Up, you'll have to pay 3 dollars for them, fyi. A family we saw had their own, presumably from another family that saw it first(?) and they still had to spend the 3 bucks per ticket. Probably some stupid contractual obligation between the theater and the studio. Not all theaters are showing it in 3D though, so look for that. It was an expensive trip to the theater, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Please let Jon know that Baba would be soooo proud of his garden. She is having a very hard time with the bunnies eating her cabbage and now they have turned on her beets. We just got back from Ohio and there are a ton of rabbits that her garden has made very chubby! GREAT job on the garden.
Hugs, kisses and squeezes to all of you!
Anna (Jon's aunt in CA)