Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter Day!!!

After City Fresh, I got the kids ready for a Harry Potter party. We got to make two new friends who were both young boys relatively close to their age, which was nice, and Aleks & Bastian had a blast putting spells on everyone. I did have to remind Aleks that we do not use unforgivable curses against family or friends.

My sister, Natalie, had been visiting for the previous week, then had gone home and come back just to go to the movie at midnight with me. She neglected to bring a costume, so I put her in my Professor Trelawny costume. In descending order, we're Trelawny, Bellatrix Lestrange, Draco Malfoy, and of course, Harry Potter.
The boys just went to the party and not the movie until later in the week, when I realized that I probably won't be taking Bastian to a movie again for quite some time.
We're a little Harry Potter nuts around here. But it's just so much fun, we can hardly help ourselves.


Julie said...

How fun! We have yet to read the series, but it's next on Damek's list after we finish up the Magic Treehouse series (only 10 books left). I'm excited as I've only read the first one. What prompted his interest was playing the online game Wizard 101.

Sarah said...

Love your Bellatrix costume ~ she is such a great/awful character.

Rachel said...

Anna, you guys do know how to do it up, the Harry Potter costumes, the truly super elegant party! Wow! And I loved looking at all your beautiful produce pictures. I also read all the posts about your gigantic road trip and beach vacation. I see what you mean about your busy summer. Fantastic pictures of it all, and as always, I enjoy reading about your full lives.