Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wade Oval Wednesday

Aunt Natty made a romantic connection at our very fancy engagement party and on Wednesday went on a date to the art museum (which just recently re-opened after the first phase of major construction). The boys got all upset about not getting to go, so I packed them in the car and headed over.

Couldn't take any photos in the galleries. I insisted on holding hands, but somehow Aleks still got thisclose to touching a painting. We walked around, both of them squirming, me trying to make a more meaningful (ha!) experience out of it by pointing out every artist I recognized and spouting off facts I remembered from when I studied Art History. I asked questions about the art, the colors, the texture - whatever I could - and still the boys weren't particularly fascinated. In the end, whatever, they'll have lots of chances to re-experience all of it again and again. Aleks would like to take an art class at the museum. I may ask an artist friend to do some drawing with him instead.

Afterward, we headed across the street (ever in costume) to Wade Oval to check out Wade Oval Wednesday. Considering it's a five-minute drive from our house, you'd think I would have gotten it together to have checked it out ever before. Alas, I am far too lazy for that. Well, that and dinnertime becomes problematic since I'm not the family member who cooks, and Wednesday tends to be a lazier day for us since Tuesday has been so busy for so long. While I told the kids I was positively not buying any of the offered fair foods since Papa was at home making local, organic, grass-fed steak fajitas (with whole wheat tortillas from scratch and local veggies), there wasn't much to do at Wade Oval Wednesday except sit down and listen to music (and eat). Aleks found a horse to pet while we waited in line for the port-a-potty. We also spoke to my friend Genna whose job it is to convince people that living in the area is tres chic and generally most excellent.
Then we saw the fantastic steel gates to the Botanical Garden were open. I thought this meant that the entrance fee was waved and anyone could just waltz right in and peruse the Children's Garden, which I am told was at one time free and open to the public at all times - until it wasn't. I was, however, mistaken. While there was a discounted rate, the outdoor gardens were not free and open to the public. I took the opportunity, instead, to renew our lapsed membership and we entered freely, without hassle.

Inside, Bastian sniffed the bee balm like a good little bee.
Then there was running amok, spying of flowers and newly growing things, and lastly, the climbing of the rock wall to practice jumping and chaos.

Then we went home and enjoyed the local, organic, grass-fed steak fajitas (with whole wheat tortillas from scratch and local veggies (and yogurt) ) immensely.

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