Monday, May 11, 2009

How I Spent My Mother's Day

At my urging, we all piled in the car to head to the Mother's Day Peace Picnic hosted each year by the Peace Action Network. It's been at the India Cultural Garden the last couple of years. We didn't make it last year due to Papa being in Mexico. This year the weather was lovely. There was a bit of a breeze, which made it a tad chilly, but the sunshine kept us warm enough if we sat and soaked it up.

The peace picnic had supplies for making cards for mamas, which the boys got straight to work on. They both wore capes, as they are wont to do.
Meanwhile, there was a program which included a presentation by Rosa Parks. We stood to listen for a bit, but the boys lost interest, as ever. After her presentation, a woman sang a song in Hindi about motherly love.
Then free food was served, including vegan desserts from Food Not Bombs. After eating, I folded a couple of paper cranes for peace and told the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes to Sebastian.
I signed a postcard to end the war, which was sent to the president.
I especially like the bottom, "Another Mother for Peace." Yeah, that's it.
They photographed us standing beneath the statue of Ghandi from two angles due to the changing light and printed both out for me to take home.
All of this was free.
After that, we headed to Peace Park for some running around. The boys needed to go to bed early to prep for Aleks' surgery, so exhausting them as much as possible seemed like the right move to make.

I like this photo because I got Jon to smile.Papa said he wanted to go to the bookstore to buy a book, having finished all The Lord of the Rings plus The Hobbit.
At the bookstore, the boys had hot chocolate and I picked up a gift for Heather. I wrapped it in some of the art from the Painting, Not with Paintbrushes art day then added her name with lightning bolts. Her name should always be written thusly.
After dinner (take out Italian), I took the gift to Heather at our local bar while she worked and I had a glass of wine by myself. Then I went to bed far earlier than usual so as to get up before dawn to take Aleks to surgery.

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