Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Art Day: Painting, Not with Paintbrushes

For Art Day, I thought we'd paint with things that were not paintbrushes, just to experiment with different textures. So before leaving Grandma Cat's house, I was sure to steal all of Natalie's bottles of tempera paint. Then Tuesday morning, I ran around the house trying to find some fun things to make different marks with. I had string things,
stick things,
and nature things, as my primary categories. There were also some soft things and round things.
Then everyone painted. Even me. I was sure to put down a tarp, as I was worried about balls rolling off the table, covered in paint, which they did. Well, it was one acorn, I believe, and it was my fault, but still.
Bastian mostly made giant blobs.
That morning, I realized that what I really wished I had was one of those giant drying racks that we used to have in school. I did get the idea to use our indoor drying racks and clothespins, though, which worked out quite well without taking up all the surfaces in the house. When I have all the money and a studio large enough to include it, I will get a giant art drying rack for my children. Or perhaps I could manage something like this.

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