Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday, In Brief

After a Friday night sleepover, Aleks, Jonas, and Bastian spent many more hours playing Lego (and making LOTS of noise!!!!). When their mom showed up, Lavinia took a photo of us in the kitchen.
To give us something to do and wear out the crazy energy of little boys, Aleks, Bastian, and I walked to the coffee shop (I was in desperate need of coffee). Aleks spent his time drawing pictures for everyone there, hanging them on the wall with all his other drawings, and even giving one to our bartender friend who put it up in the bar next door. Bastian spent some time reorganizing the cooler.

Then Aleks did some math.
And Felicia taught him a nifty trick for 9 times tables before discovering that he was only 6 and being thoroughly impressed with him. As she always is.
On the way home, Aleks asked to jump on the trampoline again. He's asked multiple times, but there was no one about to ask. Today, there just happened to be a house-sitter grilling out who said that as long as I supervised, he was a-okay with it. So jump the boys did.

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