Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two Weeks Later...

Another trip to the botanical gardens on a lovely day and this time, the coy are back in the pond and more and more flowers are a'bloomin'. We invited Emma along to play too. Lovely day.

Bastian tried out all the little seats under all the little trees.

And things are growing more and more! They're beautiful! It feels real, as though there might not be any more snow, dare I wish it!

Grape hyacinths get a technicolor wash...
Digging in the cool sand.
My favorite bottle border all a'glow in the sunlight.
A sun not yet a fountain, but ablaze in the afternoon light.
Pansies with their pretty little faces.

And tulips, dark as tiger lilies, and perhaps more fierce.
The bird house atop the toolshed.
The architecture in the area is all fascinating. The Gehry building blinds planes passing by.

Making mountains out of muck.
Leftover Rasta shovels.

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